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About Us

With Penny Appeal at home, your donations provide hope and help to the poor and needy while ensuring dignity, sustainability and relevance in the lives of the people we serve.

Our transparent systems and carefully planned out projects, you can help us care for orphans, create sustainable sources of income for families, help us to provide nutritious meals, open schools, support existing schools with anything from desks to stationery or meals.

We continue to work on water, healthcare, sanitation, nutrition and education solutions that will not only ease the burden but cause those living within the communities we serve to think about the future and what they envision for future generations.

At Penny Appeal we understand how communities work and consider every scenario when providing aid. We understand the dynamics of South African communities and have experience in the best approaches and practices when assisting communities and know how to make the biggest impact given the resources we have at our disposal making sure to waste nothing.

We endeavour to work tirelessly when it comes to understanding poverty in South Africa, understanding the impacts of HIV and Aids, malnutrition abuse of all kinds and homelessness.

Last but not least of all, we make a profound commitment to fighting injustice and promoting transformation and changes which benefit all.