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Experiencing Zimbabwe: Bohera
April 10, 2019

These are some of my favourite photographs showing the situation in Zimbabwe during the visit I made for emergency relief with the Penny Appeal South Africa team at the end of March. They were taken during our last distribution of the trip at a town that I grew very fond of. An arid dry and dusty piece of land they call home: Bohera. The water from the floods were enough to give them hope that the drought might be over but the Cyclone winds proved to just turn all hope into fear. Countless houses were destroyed and turned to rubble as their already frail structures collapsed. Malnutritioned and now homeless, some have started living with family members and friends overcrowding already small fragile houses.

Walking there I kept thinking of South Africa’s own, Karoo area but here they could not even manage to keep sheep alive with only a few goats running around in the dry area. Times are rough here. I had to hold back the tears as locals told their stories and then said a prayer to thank us. I feel incredibly humbled after seeing how these people live and yet still have the decency to greet you fully no matter where you are in Zimbabwe with “hello how are you”. With a small contribution, we can make such a big difference in others’ lives and I hope Penny Appeal SA can continue aiding those in need.

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