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Donate now so we can act fast in times of emergency

Click to provide desperately needed food, household items and medical aid where it’s needed most

Penny Appeal teams and partners are on the ground right around the world, so we’re best-placed to respond to emergencies whenever and wherever they happen.

Our teams are currently providing support in:

  • Syria and neighbouring countries – where refugees are battling to survive
  • Yemen – where civilians are targeted amidst conflict, faced with famine and struggling to receive medical treatment for Cholera
  • Burma – where Rohingya communities are being persecuted
  • Palestine – where people are living amid conflict
  • Bangladesh – Sunamganj Floods and providing essential aid to Rohingyan refugees
  • Areas affected by the famine in East Africa, such as Somalia, South Sudan, Ethiopia and Kenya

By donating to our Emergency Response fund you can help us be there when people are facing crisis, war and displacement.

Donate now so we’re always prepared to help in times of desperate need

You can see your emergency aid in action in the videos below