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A powerful earthquake, measuring 6.9 on the Richter Scale, hit Lombok during the evening of Sunday 5 August. The epicentre was located on land, 22km northeast of North Lombok and was reported to have tsunami potential. Approximately 130 aftershocks have been measured since then, two of which have been reported to have had a magnitude above 5.2, sending fresh waves of panic among residents and tourists. The tsunami threat has since subsided, but given the country’s history and its susceptibility to natural disasters, the suggestion of a possible tsunami has caused chaos in Lombok and nearby islands, with thousands gathering on the overcrowded beaches in hope of evacuation.
98 people have tragically lost their lives. This number is set to rise over the coming days, as rescue workers begin to dig through the rubble. Without the aid they so desperately need, this number could increase beyond measure, as the long-term effects of this disaster could have devastating consequences in terms of food security, water, sanitation, and health.The island is in severe need of medical aid, as emergency rooms are overflowing with patients, forcing doctors to treat the injured outside. The main hospital in North Lombok has been severely damaged, along with 80% of the regions infrastructure. An estimated 20,000 have been displaced by the earthquake, having lost their homes. Many others are too frightened to return to their houses due to the threat of further catastrophe. Shelter is therefore an area of key priority, as those that have been displaced desperately need protection. There have been reports from survivors that the island is in chaos, with a severe shortage of food. The locals are frantic, and with the situation deteriorating rapidly, hope is dwindling fast. The victims and survivors of this terrible tragedy are in desperate need of food, water, shelter, and medical assistance. Without these, this disaster is certain to escalate beyond measure.

Penny Appeal’s Response

Penny Appeal is providing immediate relief to the victims of the Lombok earthquake across various areas of health, hygiene, food, medical aid, and shelter. Through our partners, we will be providing aid across a variety of areas, providing immediate relief to those in need. The exact items that we will be provided are subject to change, as providing tailored support is at the heart of the Penny Appeal ethos. As such, we will be adopting a dynamic approach to ensure that we respond appropriately to each need, and are able to adapt our support to meet the changing needs of the crisis as it develops.


We will be responding to the urgent need of food and water by providing food packs to those in desperate need. Our food packs are designed to provide nutritional support to the whole family and include items such as rice, oil, flour, sugar, beans, tomato sauce, water, etc. Our food packs are R1250 and can support an entire family for a month. R1250-Food Packs


During the earthquake, a huge amount of the islands infrastructure was destroyed, posing a huge risk to sanitation. As such, there is urgent need of hygiene support. Penny Appeal will be addressing this need by providing families with hygiene kits. With the outbreak of disease a very real possibility following such a catastrophe, our well-stocked kits have the potential to save lives through the promotion of good hygiene. Our hygiene kits are priced at R2200 and include important items such as soap, toothpaste and toothbrushes, washing power, sponges, sanitary wear, dry shampoo, water tablets and much more. R2200-Hygiene Kits


The 20,000+ who have been displaced are currently living in very temporary shelter, in unimaginable conditions. We will be providing shelter to those in need of protection to restore their dignity. Priced at R7 000 each, our shelters are made from good quality materials such as bamboo and tarpaulin, specially designed to withstand environmental changes and poor weather conditions. R7000-Shelter

Medical Support

The island of Lombok is in critical need of medical support, with the true extent of the casualties currently unknown and hospitals already overburdened. During disasters of this nature, the propensity for the injured to die from preventable causes soars. For R4500 we can provide urgently needed medical supplies to the injured, with the potential to save countless lives. R4500-Medical Supplies