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The people of Syria are still struggling to survive

As the bombing and shelling continues ordinary Syrians remain desperately in need of support. Penny Appeal aid is now making it through to those trapped in the most difficult of situations, including in Eastern Ghouta where the siege continues. Help us continue to support those suffering from the devastating effects of this conflict. Click to provide food, household items and medical aid to help these vulnerable people live another day.

The children of Syria are growing up surrounded by destruction, disease and death. More than 80 percent of Syria’s children have been injured, and around 3.7 million children have been born in the past five years amidst the ongoing conflict, meaning they have never known peace.

R1000 – Provides a food pack of essentials that lasts for one month

R2500 – Provides medical supplies two people

R5000 – Provides a tent, mattress, blankets and other necessities for a family.


Living amongst the ruins, facing endless poverty and with no chance of enjoying a happy childhood, they are losing hope for the future.

Return that hope and give them a reason to live another day by donating now

Penny Appeal teams are on the ground providing vital aid to the people of Syria:

  • Delivering nutritious food to besieged towns such as Madaya, where essential supplies have been cut off for months, leaving people to starve to death.
  • Working in neighbouring countries such as Lebanon, where refugee camps have become home to hundreds of thousands of people.
  • Supporting refugees arriving in Greece who have made the dangerous journey to Europe in the hope of finding a brighter future and peace

The desperate situation facing the people of Syria has no end in sight, and every day thousands more are forced to flee their homes. 

You can help the people of Syria by donating now to provide life-saving aid. Our teams distribute essential items such as nutritious food packs, clothes and blankets, hygiene essentials and medical provisions.

Your support is urgently needed, so please donate now to help Syrian refugees.