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Thirst Relief- Mr. Muhammad Gul
January 15, 2019
Mr. Muhammad Gul, 70, lives in the village of Kakar kally,  KPK Province. Muhammad has a household comprised of 11 people; 2 elderly people and 9 children, with 4 of them being disabled and needing special assistance. With a low income and living under desperate circumstances with such a large family, times have been difficult for Muhammad and his family.

Muhammad and his family do not have clean water readily available for drinking, cooking and cleaning both themselves and their household. The family collects water from distance of almost 300 meters away from their home which is laborious, unsafe and time consuming. The water that is collected has to be boiled and cooled before use and even then, people in the community frequently fall sick from the use of this water.  The labor-intensive task of water collection is left to the female members of the family who go to great lengths, including risking their own personal safety and security

Muhammad and his family are also faced with the challenge of education for the children as the schools in the area are not disabled friendly.

Muhammad and his family were identified through VDC and Salik Development Foundation as eligible beneficiaries for the installation of a hand pump in their home. Following the installation Salik Development Foundation conducted a health and hygiene tutorial with the family as well as answered any questions they had.

At long last Mr. Muhammad Gul and his family have clean drinking water inside their compound, something that brings them great joy.  ‘’We are so much happy and we are not waiting for the fresh water, whenever we need fresh water, we can get it. This make our life easy and now we don’t have any worries regarding my children and ourselves, now we take care of our children and save our income,“ says Mohammad. “Salik Development Foundation (SDF) & Penny Appeal Pakistan (PAPK) give me happiness, new hope and new spark of happy life.” He adds with a toothy grin. When asked if he has any final words, Mohammad says: “I really appreciate the efforts, which make my children, practicing and availing clean approaches, they came to know how to properly wash the hand, critical timings of hand washing personnel and domestic hygiene. Now our children did not fall ill, and we are happy and thankful to SDF and Penny Appeal”.

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